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    Portal View

    This would make a great Father’s Day card or a male birthday.

    I cut out a hole to look like a portal and added sandpaper for the sandy beach.  Cute little sailboat in the distance and an anchor attached to the portal. I cut out a couple of starfish to go along with the anchor and added a weave type of ribbon to look like rope.

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    Bunny Maypole

    This was a cute card to create.  The card could be an Easter card or May Day card.

    I used a punch border on the edge to show the color underneath and framed out the card.

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    Birthday Girl Dress

    I have a few friends who have birthday’s in May and along with Mother’s Day this would make a great card for any female in your life.

    The base of the card is made with silver foil all though you can hardly tell from the photo ( it was hard to photograph),  The dress is made to have a little fullness and I used some pop dots to give the top a little dimension. I used rhinestones going down the her dress.

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    Wow! An Explosion Pop Up Birthday Card

    As I sit here thinking about my wedding anniversary I treasure the time I have had with my husband.  Sure we have had ups and downs but at the end of the day, we know we love each other very much.

    Although I made this card as a birthday card it would be a great wedding or anniversary card.  It does take a little longer to make but the recipient would truly love it.








    The front of the card is made very simple but when you open it, Pow! not only does the cake pop up but the sides open like a wave.