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    Love XXO

    For this card I used my Cricut to do all the cutting.  I layered all the pieces for the flower in different colors of pink. I used rhinestones for the flower stem and hearts for the leaves. I added red rhinestones to the center of the flower and also on the heart shaped O.

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    Love Eclipse Card

    I love how this card turned out.  It is very easy to make just by adding extra layers of the word really makes the eclipse part pop out. I added two layers of white and one layer of red for the letters and then I used an embossing folder for the background.

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    As a card maker you will always have some kind of paper scraps leftover from your card making.

    The following cards were made kind of the same way.  I was given a bag of scraps and had to create from what I had.









    The next few cards were made the same way, but they pretty much had a definite plan on how they would turn out.

    This card is called a step or panel card.









    This card is called a sidestep card.









    This one is called the impossible card because it is made from just one 4.25 x 5.5 inch piece of cardstock.







    These final ones were color as you like and adding an embossed background.









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    Final cards for 2018

    Here are the last cards I made for 2018. I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t had time to post more information, but please take a look at my final creations.
































    These last cards were really fun to make and not that hard once you know the secret.  I did a close up so you could see the sparkle that is on each card.