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Big cake and Airplane in the sky

Anyone for a big fat birthday cake?  I made this card thinking someone would love a big fat cake.  I added some dimension to the candle on the cake.  The first layer of the card is white base and then blue cardstock and finally a light pink.  The sentiment on the inside says “A very happy birthday to you.”

Big cake Big cake inside








The airplane card took a little longer to make and I’m glad to say that several people liked it since I did teach them how to make it.  You may be asking how did she get the airplane to stay floating like that, and to that I say, oh the wonders of fishing line can do for a card.  Yep that’s the secret, I used fishing line to suspend the plane in the air.  I cut a circle out of the center then pushed it to the inside of the card. After that I embossed two planes on vellum and put the fishing line in the middle of the two planes.  I then attached the planes with some heavy duty tape to keep it flying.

airplane front airplane side shot

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