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    Happy Birthday Pop Up Cards

    I made these cards for my son and my older sister since they both have the same birthday day.













    I made my son’s card out of purple and yellow card stock and my sister’s out of pastel colors of pink, yellow, purple and light green.  I have to say the hardest part of these cards were trying to get the fold on the inside lined up just right, but I love how both of them turned out.

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    Donut Birthday

    Who doesn’t like a donut? This card is both cheerfully bright and yummy.

    I started with a yellow sun stamp for the background and then layered a piece of vellum on top.  From there I stamped out three donuts and colored each one with a bright color. I added candles in matching colors as the donuts and then stamped the sentiment, “It’s your birthday.”

    For the inside I stamped a small sentiment of, “Wishing you the sweetest day ever.”

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    Friendly Beaver

    Ever have one of those friends that you just want to let them know you care?  Well here is a card that is friendly and let’s them know that you are thinking about them.

    This card would make a great card for someone who is having a hard time.

    I stamped, colored then cut out the beaver and the black circle lines and placed them on a white card base.  I then stamped little dots to show some movement and then stamped the sentiment you are loved. The inside is left blank so that it could be used for any reason.