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    Emoji Mask

    I thought my son would get a chuckle out of his birthday card this year.  He has been keeping his distance from us to protect us from the virus.  He caught the virus in the beginning of all of this horror and has kept up with his distancing ever since.  But, as we all know, HOPE is on the way with the vaccines that are coming out.

    For this card I used my cricut machine to do most of the work.  It is a happy face behind a mask with a party hat. I cut a yellow circle for the face and some eyes and a nose in black cardstock.  I had my cricut do the printing of the Happy Birthday words with black ink.  I then added a party hat to the front and on the inside of the card to finish it off.

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    Reason to Celebrate

    I made this card for my older sister this year.  She loves flowers and I thought this was most appropriate for her.  The card opens from the middle and I added a sentiment on the inside of “Have a great birthday.”  I then stamped a slice of cake in the corner.

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    Be My Valentine

    Yes it’s a day late, but I was busy planning a wonderful dinner for my hubby and myself. This year I surprised him with an arrangement of chocolates delivered right to our door.  He thought it was a mistake at first and told the delivery guy that’s not for me I didn’t order anything.  Surprise!!

    This is the card I made him for this year.  It was cut with my cricut machine and turned out beautiful.

    If you know me you know that we have gone through a lot these last few years and this card kinda says it all.

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    Galentine Kiss Card

    I made this card for my daughter this year.  Yeah you know it, pandemic gets in the way of having fun so we do the best we can.  I’ll be so glad when things are back to normal again.

    For this card, I started by stamping a big kiss in the center of the card and XOXO underneath the kiss. I cut a simple banner and added it on the card first and then stamped a few hearts.

    For the inside I added the sentiment “Happy Galentine’s Day.”