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    Rosie with a Pumpkin

    This is just a fun little decoration I made to look like my dog Rosie.  She is quite the protector, if she sees someone new she will let us know.  She loves her momma and follows me around everywhere and if we don’t take her with us on a drive she will find something of mine and place it on the floor in the living room just to say hey you left me home.

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    Skeleton in Graveyard

    As I was making this card my thoughts were going to how the person was so happy to have passed away, no more pain or worries and his fellow dog friend is right there beside him.

    For the inside I found this sentiment which is perfect for the skeleton. I also added a kitty waiting and a few bats.


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    Glow in the Dark Halloween Pumpkins

    This is a nice simple card that kids would love to play with.  The background has glow in the dark paper that kids can take and put up to a light and then go and hide in a closet to watch it glow back at them. For the inside I stamped a few spiders and the words Trick or Treat.