Yellow and Purple Crocus

     As the world is in a lock-down state right now we need to look to our fellow mankind and see if we can help in anyway to combat this dreadful virus. Check in on our elderly, call and see if they need anything.  Above all DON’T HOARD things.

    If you are having trouble sleeping, first turn your phone and computer off an hour before you go to bed.  Secondly try these five steps.  Look around the room at 5 different things, touch 4 different items, hear 3 different sounds, smell 2 different scents and last taste 1 thing.  This should help to ground you so you can start to sleep.

    For my last card for this month I thought I would start some Spring colors like yellow and purple. I made this card with both purple and yellow crocus’ for Easter. I used a basket weave embossing folder and colored the flowers using copic markers. I then added a small amount of ribbon under the framed flowers.















    I hope these cards bring a little brightness to your day today!

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