Coffee or Tea Cup

With this pandemic going on around us it’s nice to know that we as a nation are helping our fellow mankind.

One of my nieces’ have been deployed to the epic center of New York to help out as a nurse.  I pray that she will be ok each and everyday. Several other nieces’ work in hospitals, as well as my own husband and I pray that they are safe also each day. These people; doctors, nurses, grocery store owners, police, firemen, EMT technicians are all looking out for each and everyone of us, so we must do our part and stay safe at home during this time of quarantine.

I made one of these cards to send to my niece but was told they cannot take packages due to the virus, so here is a little sunshine to brighten your day.

I made the background using different stamps and then cut the paper down to fit the card.  The inside sentiment says, “You are somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody.” That sentiment pretty much says what the the doctors and nurses are doing.








My next set of cards is using the same background with a sentiment inside that says, “Sending hugs and prayers and lots of love.” I made one card with a full background and another with part embossed with swirls. These cards would be great for someone who is sick and you can let them know you are thinking of them.

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